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Welcome to fantinelove! As you can guess, we're all fans of Fantine from Les Miserables.

1. This is a community for Fantine of Les Miserables. Therefore you must like the character to join.

2. Please be respectful to the other members of the community. Naturally people aren't always going to agree, but the least you can do is act civil about it.

3. I ask that you keep character and ship bashing out of the community. I also ask that you don't go ranting about on fans of other characters or ships.

4. Please place icons and other fanworks behind a cut. Previews for graphics and fanart are allowed so long as they don't clutter up the page.

5. You may affiliate with this community as long as you have a Les Miserables related community or another fandom that deals with the same time period (A Tale of Two Cities, Count of Monte Cristo, Scarlet Pimpernell, ect). You may make a post in the community if you'd like to affilaite.

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